January 26, 2016

Klondike Derby Packing List

Boy Scouts:

This is a winter campout, it is expected to snow, so winter clothing is expected.

A warm and dry scout makes for a happy scout.
A cold and wet scout makes for a unhappy Scoutmaster!

Mandatory Packing List:

  • snow coat (layering is ok, as long as the outer layer/shell is waterproof/breathable)
  • snow hat (most heat is lost through your head)
  • snow gloves - cotton gloves are not sufficient, and if they get wet are worse than having nothing!
  • snow pants (there are activities where we will walk through fresh deep snow)
  • snow boots (water proof hiking boots could work as a last resort, but the taller snow boots give a significant advantage when walking through snow)
  • Thick socks, or double layered socks - and bring extras!
  • Change of clothing to sleep in (sweat from daily activity freezes quickly while sleeping)
  • Warm winter sleeping bag, or sleeping bag wrapped in another sleeping bag
  • Foam pad to sleep on (thicker is better - therm-a-rest will work too)
  • Pillow (unless you enjoy sleeping on a pile of your clothing)
  • Water bottle or camelbak - dehydration in the cold is very common
  • Flash light - I would recommend a headlamp as we will be walking around in the dark
Recommended / Optional Packing List:
  • sled to carry your equipment from on
    • Or backpack to carry your equipment
  • If you wish to also go sledding with your sled you will also need a bicycle/ski helmet - per BSA and camp regulations
  • scarf or face mask, in case it is windy

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