November 13, 2016

Cardboard Campout

Cardboard Campout
(Fort Building)

We have an annual Cardboard Campout (Fort Building). This will be our pre-winter campout. We will be building forts out of cardboard and sleeping in them. We will be teaching the boys how to winter camp in a safe, easy to abandon, environment. It will be cold, so please read the "what to bring carefully". We may even qualify for a couple of Frost Points.

What to Bring:
  • Winter sleeping bag (rated at 15 degrees or below) or multiple sleeping bags (nested together) 
    • Sleeping bags need to be rated for much lower than what the temperatures will be. 
  • Extra Blankets (for above and below sleeping bag) for extra insulation 
  • Thick pad to sleep on (thicker is better), 2 pads would be preferred 
    • note: air mattresses are terrible for winter camping 
  • Change of clothing, including clean underwear and socks, to sleep in (critical!) 
  • Flannel pants, sweatshirt, and winter hat (beanie) to sleep in 
  • Hand/toe warmers (optional) (10+ hours - anything less than 8 hour is useless for overnight)