January 21, 2017

Winter Camping Equipment List

Winter Camping Equipment List

Note on Uniforms: When participating in the Klondike Derby or other winter camping events, Scouts must wear their class A uniform when departing on the trip and during the competition.  Event organizers have been known to check on this.  

Note on Clothing:  Scouts should dress in layers to keep warm; this includes socks.  Layers of clothing next to the skin must be changed at least daily (socks twice daily) because sweat makes them wet, and boys with wet clothing can quickly get chilled.  Cotton is not appropriate for underclothing, socks, and shirts because when wet it provides no insulation at all.  All clothing (and all personal gear) should be labeled with boy’s name.    

As always, Scouts should pack their own gear (with parental supervision) so they know what they have and where everything is.  Here is a checklist for a winter weekend camping trip.  

  • Class A Uniform (including at least shirt, neckerchief & slide; hat and pants are optional)
  • Hat that covers ears (e.g. balaclava) or hat with earmuffs
  • Insulated gloves (2 pairs in case one gets wet or lost), waterproof or water resistant
  • Heavy jacket or parka, waterproof or water resistant
  • Socks, 4 pairs, non-cotton; wool or smart wool worn over sock liners
  • Sock liners, 2 pair (silk and/or polypropylene) (wear under wool outer socks)
  • Thermal Underwear, 2 pairs, non-cotton
  • Waterproof boots or rubber overshoes (required)
  • Long sleeve turtle neck shirts, non-cotton
  • Heavy sweater or sweatshirt
  • Pants, 2 pairs, non-cotton (ski clothing works great here)
  • Sleepwear (jogging suit or similar, stocking cap)
  • Poncho or other raingear
  • Personal wash kit (washcloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb)
  • Water bottle or canteen
  • Mess kit and silverware
  • Daypack to carry stuff in during the competition
  • Sleeping bag (rated 5 degrees or less), or 2 sleeping bags can be used one inside the other.
  • Sleeping bag liner or a wool or fleece blanket can be used inside the sleeping bag
  • Ground pad or other closed cell insulator (required)
  • Boy Scout Handbook for those on the Trail to First Class
  • Flashlight with working batteries, extra batteries, spare bulbs

Optional Gear

  • Watch
  • Compass and whistle
  • Matches (preferably in waterproof container) IF boy has Fireman’s Chit
  • Pillowcase-optional (can be stuffed with clothing to make pillow)
  • Personal first aid kid
  • Chap stick and/or lotion
  • Sun screen